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Built Projects- Álvaro Siza Guide in Portugal
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This unprecedented edition presents the reader with the opportunity of getting to know works based on projects by

Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza, who won the most well-known architecture award in the world, the Pritzker Prize,

in 1992. Right from his early works, he has been recognized in Portugal for his path-breaking approach to

architecture, in the context of the Modern Movement, which entailed a desire for form and a global understanding of

the work itself and of its surroundings that had thus far been undervalued. His method, based on observational

drawing and on the creation of forms/spaces, became celebrated also for the quality of his sketching and for the

way of seeing it comprises, demonstrating the constructive, aesthetic and ethical paths that Álvaro Siza has been

treading and that have been poured into the works featured in this Guide, from the mid-1950s to today.

The Álvaro Siza Architectural Guide: Built Projects in Portugal provides the user with a map to all of the architect’s

works in the country, which have been selected by Álvaro Siza himself, and are presented in information sheets

with texts by Marta Sequeira and drawings, at times accompanied by period photographs. Overlapping are colour

photographs by Nuno Cera, who, during a winter trip, directed his sensitive photographer's gaze towards these

architectural works.

This is an essential guide for those wanting to better appreciate Álvaro Siza's exceptional journey, within

Portuguese borders, making it possible to visit a work in a specific place, or chosen out of curiosity, but also

allowing for the planning of visits on a scheduled itinerary, across the country, by region or city. It will, therefore,

contribute to the cultural enrichment of its users because architectural work is also a testament to the human

genius, and even more so when built according to the design of such a greatly admired and world renowned


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