Junco Lamp
Junco Lamp
Junco Lamp
Junco Lamp
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Junco Lamp

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Ratan cane

17 x 43 cm
520 gr

15  x 30 cm
320 gr

Going back to the origins of the design.
In the early 1960s, Master Architect J.A. Coderch de Sentmenat began proposing the JUNCO wall lamp to his clients.
Crafted by artisans from Valencia, its production was overseen by Coderch's sister, Mercedes.

Originally available in a single size, various dimensions of the JUNCO emerged in the family's storage area by the mid-1980s. This discovery suggests a deeply personal connection between the architect and the lamp, as he seemingly
experimented with its dimensions for different projects.
The table lamp version of JUNCO is the result of a serendipitous encounter with the object during a family visit, where a unit dating between 1965-70 was discovered.
TUNDS reintroduces this iconic lamp to the design culture, which had remained discreet for years due to its purely artisanal essence and the changing tides that marginalized artisanal values.

The uniqueness of its craftsmanship lies in the unconventional use of rattan, positioned against its natural flexion, revealing the flat part of the natural fiber on the outer surface of the wall sconce. The overlap of the two concentric spirals not only conceals the light bulb but also creates a play of lights and shadows within the cylinder's cavities,
reminiscent of the techniques employed by Coderch in his DISA and CISTER designs.
The timeless design of the JUNCO wall sconce is a return to artisanal mastery, to roots, and to what is truly authentic.

It is a gift from the history of design, always present for those who take a moment to appreciate the time and space that skilled artisanal hands dedicate to achieving excellence.

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